How to Make the External List (BCS) link appear in the Custom Lists section?

September 28, 2011

Hi guys, Here's a fast tip to make the External List link appear in the Custom Lists section. All you need to do is: Open Site Actions -- > Site Settings --> Manage site Features  And activate the 'Team Collaboration Lists' : Then you can easily see it in the Custom List section : Thats all Folks... See u Next Time :)
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Insert suffix like “…” or “more” in the end of the text using c#

September 21, 2011

Hi guys, One of ours clients wanted a generic method that include some kind of suffix like “…” or “more” if the content turned out to be longer than the short description allows. in our solution it was important to shorten the text , NOT in the middle of the word  but after the last space . Bad example our text: Hello World my name is Alex. result text: Hello World my na... Good example our text: Hello World my name is Alex. result text: Hello World my name... that is exactly what this method does. it takes as parameter the text, the suffix and the maximum number of chars and return the new...
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Creating simple pop up window and render html using the Sharepoint 2010 Dialog Framework

September 12, 2011

First of all i would like to thank Johnny Tordgeman for helping me with tihis spesific post.   The Dialog framework is a great out of the box javascript feature that mostly used for opening application pages .   but what happens when you only want to open a simple pop up window   for showing some text and maybe one or two buttons like 'Ok' and 'Cancel' ?   well, i had 2 choices, to work with jquery what was the preferred way when you wanted to   make a pop up window that gives a proper user experience,   or using the new sharepoint dialog framework.   I have a saying, if...

First Time For Everything :))

Hi guys, For my first blog post i would like to introduce my self...My name is Alex Choroshin i have Over 2 years of development experience with the SharePoint  2007\2010 platform ,Encompassing all the aspects of SharePoint development.Also knowledge in developing ASP.Net /Silverlight / Wpf Applications. currently i work at a bank,  developing  portal based on  2010 sharepoint platform. my Specialties :ASP.NET| WSS | C# | SharePoint 2010 | MOSS 2007 | .NET | Silverlight | WPF | MSSQL | Custom Controls | Web Parts| BCS | WCF | CSS | HTML | Javascript I'm sure we gonna have a lot of fun...