Download MIX 08 Sessions and Watch Offline

8 במרץ 2008

Download MIX 08 Sessions and Watch Offline

Download MIX 08 Sessions I personally prefer watching sessions regardless of my Internet connection status, so I decided to download MIX 08 sessions and watch offline.

I collected the list of available sessions from MIX 08, and they are easy to download. I personally use Free Download Manager for simultaneous efficient downloads – you can try it yourself.

Keynote I
Dean Hachamovitch, Ray Ozzie, Scott Guthrie

Keynote II
Guy Kawasaki, Steve Ballmer

T01 – Creating a RESTful API with Windows Communication Foundation
Haider Sabri, Paul Walker, Viphak Lay

T02 – Windows Presentation Foundation Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Mark Wilson-Thomas

T03 – Adding Instant Messaging to Any Site
Keiji Kanazawa, Nikhil Kothari

T04 – Developing Cutting Edge Web Applications with Internet Explorer 8
Marc Silbey

T06 – Everything You Need to Know about Diagnostics and Debugging on Microsoft Internet Information Services 7
Mai-lan Tomsen Bukovec

T07 – RESTful Data Services with the ADO.NET Data Services Framework
Pablo Castro

T09 – Overview of Expression Encoder 2
Charles Finkelstein, James Clarke

T10 – Lightning Up Your AJAX Applications with Silverlight
Stefan Schackow, Chung Webster

T11 – What's New in Windows Presentation Foundation 3.5
Rob Relyea

T12 – Mobile Devices and Microsoft Silverlight: A Primer on the New Technology
Amit Chopra, David Kline

T13 – Working with Data and Web Services in Microsoft Silverlight 2
Eugene Osovetsky

T15 – Internationalizing XAML Applications in Windows Presentation Foundation and Microsoft Silverlight
Ken Azuma, Laurence Moroney, Ted Kitamura

T16 – Real-World AJAX with ASP.NET
Nikhil Kothari

T17 – Developing Applications with Microsoft Virtual Earth
Chris Pendleton

T18 – Tools and Applications for Publishers
Rishi Bal

T19 – Accessing Windows Live Services via AtomPub
Pablo Castro

T20 – Creating Rich, Dynamic User Interfaces with Silverlight 2
Karen Corby

T21 – Integrating Your Site With Internet Explorer 8
Jane Kim

T22 – Developing Applications Using the Model View Controller Pattern
Scott Hanselman

T23 – Hard Rock: Behind the Music with Deep Zoom
Scott Stanfield, Mike Hanley, Will Alan, Michael Lemme

T24, Developing Data Driven Applications Using ASP.NET Dynamic Data Controls
David Ebbo

T25 – Effective User Interfaces in Windows Presentation Foundation and Microsoft Silverlight
Laurence Moroney, Jimmy Kim, Albert Song, Peter Chang, Andy Lee

T26 – Building Applications and Services with .NET Framework 3.5
Justin Smith

T27 – Partying with PHP on Microsoft Internet Information Services 7
Drew Robbins

T28 – Silverlight + Dynamic Languages
John, Jimmy

T29 – Developing with Windows Live
Angus Logan

T30 – From Flash to Silverlight: A Rosetta Stone
Rick Barazza

T31 – Exploring Moonlight: Novell's Implementation of Silverlight on Linux
Miguel de Icaza

T32 – Using Microsoft Sync Framework and FeedSync
Neil Padgett

T34 – Building Great AJAX Applications from Scratch Using ASP.NET 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008
Brad Adams

T35 – Using the Internet Service Bus to Build Next Generation Applications and Services
Justin Smith

B01 – The Business of Microsoft Silverlight
Danny Riddell

BT01 – Building AOL's High Performance, Enterprise Wide Mail Application With Silverlight 2
Eric Hoffman, Marc Katchay, Stefan Gal

BT03 – Advanced Search Engine Optimization: Generating More Site Traffic from Search
Nathan Buggia

BT05 – Introducing SQL Server Data Services
Nigel Ellis

BT06 – Silverlight and Advertising
Eric Schmidt

BT07 – Monetization 101
Erynn Petersen

BT08 – Bringing Hosters and Developers Together with IIS7
Robert Cameron, Tito Leverette

BCT03 – Understanding Microsoft Partner Programs for Designers, Developers, and Agencies
Bill Vlandis, Hakan Soderbom

BCT05 – Integrating Media in Silverlight Applications
Ed Maia

BCT07 – Encoding Video for Microsoft Silverlight
Ben Waggoner

BCT08 – Welcome to Internet Explorer 8
Chris Wilson

C02 – Using Microsoft Silverlight for Creating Rich Mobile User Experiences
Giorgio Sardo

C03 – Virgins, Spaceships and Hob-nailed Boots!
Paul Dawson

C04 – Microsoft Expression Web: From Comp, to CSS, to Code!
Nishant Kothary, Tyler Simpson

C05 – Overview of Microsoft Ad Formats
Alam Ali

CT01 – Building Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 2, Part 1
Joe Stegman, Mike Harsh

CT02 – Building Rich Internet Applications Using Microsoft Silverlight 2, Part 2
Joe Stegman, Mike Harsh

CT03 – Silverlight as a Gaming Platform
Joel Neubeck, Scott McAndrew

CT04 – The Human Brain Relationship: Advanced and Adaptive User Interfaces
Ya'akov Greenshpan, Yochay Kiriaty

CT07 – Advanced Cross-Browser Layout with Internet Explorer 8
Scott Dickens

UX01 – Getting Clued In to Experience Management
Lou Carbone

UX02 – From Long Tail to Fuzzy Tale: Why "Fuzzy" Is the New Clear
David Armano

UX03 – The Back of the Napkin: Solving Design Problems (and Selling Your Solutions) with Pictures
Dan Roam

UX04 – Creating Better User Experiences: Design Strategy
Dan Harrelson, Kim Lenox

UX05 – Creating Better User Experiences: Interaction Design
Dan Harrelson, Kim Lenox

UX06 – Creating Better User Experiences: Information Architecture
Dan Harrelson, Kim Lenox

UX07 – Creating Better User Experiences: Design Methods
Dan Harrelson, Kim Lenox

PNL01 – Making it Simple: Designer/Developer Workflow
Christian Schormann, Ken Azuma, Marcelo Marer, Mark Ligameri, Robby Ingebretsen, Robert Tuttle, Ryan Lane

PNL02 – Design at Speed of Light, Cinthya Urasaki, Daniel Makoski, John Reid, Tim Wood, Zachary Jean Paradis

PNL04 – The Open Question
Andi Gutmans, Miguel de Icaza, Mike Schroepfer, Sam Ramji

PNL05 – Web 2.0 and Beyond: What Is the Business Reality?
Bryan Biniak, Chris Saad, Frank Arrigo, Loic Le Meur, Tim Kendall

PNL07 – What Is the face of the next Web?
Anthony Franco, Chris Bernard, Garrick Schmitt, Mark Kurtz, Paul Dain, Tjeerd Hoek

PNL08 – Social Networks: Where Are They Taking Us?
David Morin, Garrett Camp, Guy Kawasaki, John Richards, Joseph Smarr, Marc Canter

PNL09 – I Wanna Go Mobile!
Chad Stoller, David-Michael Davies, Derrick Oien, Eric Breitbard, George Linardos, Michael Platt

PNL10 – Touch Me: Where Are Interfaces Going?
Chris Bernard, Dale Herigstad, Daniel Makoski, Dave Wolfe, Doug Cook, Yoshihiro Saito

PNL11 – How Design Impacts the Bottom Line
Dave Blakely, David Watson, Jason Brush, Jimmy Kim, Luke Wroblewski, Will Tschumy

PNL12 – E-commerce Done Right
Gerard Johnson, Matthews Rechs, Nicholas Rockwell, Steve Nelson

PNL13 – Opportunities and Challenges in Mashing Up the Web
Aaron Fulkerson, Andi Gutmans, Michael Scherotter, Sam Ramji, Shawn Burke

PNL14 – What's the Secret Formula?
Dan Harrelson, Daniel Makoski, Jensen Harris, Mike Schroepfer, Nishant Kothary

PNL15 – Is Web 2.0 Sustainable? What business models will work?
Dave McClure, Don Dodge, Kimbal Musck, Robert Scoble, Ryan McIntyre

PNL16 – Real World Design: Working with Silverlight and WPF in the Design Studio
Beau Ambur, Chip Aubry, Chris Bernard, Nathan Dunlap, Rich Weston


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  1. עדי10 במרץ 2008 ב 17:21

    If you raise the subject – is there a way to watch the developer academy recordings offline?

  2. Guy Burstein10 במרץ 2008 ב 23:24

    I am afraid that the only thing you can do is view the source of the streaming page and locate the direct link to the WMV file.
    I hope that when Tech Ed sessions will be avilable we will have them easy to download.

  3. Adi11 במרץ 2008 ב 11:39

    It's a streaming WMV – already tried that….

  4. zxevil16316 במרץ 2008 ב 11:20

    b2xa4y Hi from Russia!

  5. Luciano Evaristo Guerche (Gorše)18 במרץ 2008 ב 3:26

    Dear Guy,

    In case you are interested, I updated the list and it is available at

    Luciano Evaristo Guerche (Gorše)
    Taboão da Serra, SP, Brazil

  6. bill6 באפריל 2008 ב 12:36

    They are very good presentations. Can you tell me where can I download the demo source code?

  7. Maurice23 באפריל 2009 ב 7:13

    Hi! My favorite is Jennifer Aniston and I will marry her someday. Whos your favorite babe and maybe I can get to the unofficial personal site or some nudie shots.

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