Streamed LIVE from MIX08 – Dean Hachamovitch on IE8

5 במרץ 2008

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Streamed LIVE from MIX08 – Dean Hachamovitch on IE8


  • CSS 2.1 – because differences between browsers take developers too much time.
  • Performance – major performance improvements to script performance.
  • HTML 5 – Back support for Ajax calls and changes, so the end user will get the expertise he's expecting. Support for connection status events make the page able to respond and change the Submit button to save locally for example.
  • Developer Tools – Debug scripts straight from the browser. Trace through styles to understand better how parts got their styles.
  • Activities – Add smart tags to parts of the page, and add custom activities such as locate on map, buy on eBay ect, using Open Service Description Format.
  • WebSlices – Add a slice of information as favorites in your browsers using the Open WebSlice Format.

Download Internet Explorer 8.

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