From TechReady to TechEd Israel – Welcome Daniel Moth!

22 בפברואר 2008


During TechReady 6, I met Daniel Moth, one of the bloggers in my Blogroll. Daniel works at the Developer & Platform Group in Microsoft UK, and is coming to TechEd Israel this year. I took out my pen and paper (aka OneNote), and got an interview with him.

So Daniel, Tell me about yourself, and what are you doing at Microsoft?

In a nutshell, I “play” with the latest pre-release software that Microsoft offers for developers and then create relevant educational content that I share with everyone. Content is delivered via various mechanisms including my blog (, online and offline articles, newsletters, screencasts and, of course, in-person developer events. Once the software is released, I move on to proactively focus on the next wave of pre-released software, but I do continue to talk about previous versions when requested.

I know you have a history of mobile development. Can you point me to some useful reading material?

Yes, that’s right. Before joining Microsoft I worked briefly as a consultant and before that for many years as mobile and embedded developer. During that period, Microsoft awarded me MVP status for Device Application Development for helping others online and offline. Two years ago, I joined forces with two current device MVPs to write a book and last year we completed the project. It got published by Microsoft Press and its title is the Mobile Development Handbook. As you may have guessed, I consider that as “useful reading material” and the online reviews so far confirm that opinion :-).

What are you going to talk about in TechEd this year?

At Tech Ed Israel 2008 I have two talks. One session is on Windows Vista development and it covers some native APIs that are easily callable by managed developers. Through demos we will explore how easy it is to make your application a true Vista application as opposed to some legacy piece of code that was ported over. The other session is on how to share code between the Windows desktop and the Windows Mobile platform, i.e. between the .NET Compact Framework and the full .NET Framework. Again through demos, we will explore every single trick that makes it easy to share your business logic between different variants of .NET. What I would say for both talks is that if you prefer more slides rather than code, please go to some other session 🙂

Thanks Daniel, see you in Israel!

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