Results from Readers Survey (January 2008)

29 בינואר 2008

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Not long ago I posted a survey to my blogs readers, in order to get more connected with them, know what they like more and what they are expecting from this blog moving into 2008.

here are the results of the survey with the questions they are related to:

1. How long have you been reading this blog?

Most of the readers (50%) have started reading this blog in the last 6 months. I wonder if it has anything to do with a specific technology I've been writing about or a specific activity I've been involved at.

2. How did you get to know this blog?

Guy Burstein Blog Survey

As I though, most of my reader got to this blog when they were searching for information about a technology or an error I've blogged about, or got to know me from reading the main page of This means that my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques are useful, and I should share them sometime soon. I also realized that adding my blog address to my mail signature haven't gotten any traffic…

3. How often do you read this blog?

I was glad to find out that almost all my readers are frequent readers that read every post I write via RSS Feed. If you haven't registered for it yet, you can do it using this feed.

4. Where do you live?

Guy Burstein Blog Survey

Readers are almost everywhere in the world, especially in Israel, United States and Europe, but in other places I haven't mentioned in the survey such as Russia, Ukraine and Pakistan.

5. Are you a also blogger?

About half of the readers are bloggers themselves. I received many new blogs addresses and was glad to visit each one of them.

6. Which of the following technologies you are using today?

Guy Burstein Blog Survey

I can only wish that any of what I've written has helped adopting any of those technologies.

7. Which of the following technologies you like reading about in this blog?

I was happy to see that the interest in the technologies I write about is spread almost equally.

8. In which language do you prefer this blog would be?

Guy Burstein Blog Survey

This was one of the questions I was most curious about, since I've been asking myself that question for a long time. What came out of this, is that technical posts should be English only, while community news will mostly be in Hebrew.

9. What type of posts do you like the most in this blog?

Guy Burstein Blog Survey

The upper summary of the results shows that not a lot of readers care about personal thoughts :). As I expected, my blog is knows especially for its technical posts and screencasts, and the results show that clearly. One of the common request from readers is to also post an English version of my screencasts. I must say that I have already started to work on my first English screencast, but due to the amount of time it took me, someone has published screencasts before I did. I am taking this as a tip for next time…

10. Please provide any feedback you may have about this blog

I really enjoyed this section. I received many comments and feedback about this blog, which people are using its technical posts, walkthroughs and screencasts as a way to learn about new technologies and catching up with them.

Thanks again for everyone who took the time to take the survey. Your feedback is very helpful! If you have anything else you'd like to say, feel free to contact me or leave a comment.

During the creation of the survey, collecting the responses and analyzing the results I found to be a great survey platform. If you're planning a survey, checkout their services.


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