ASP.Net MVC Sample Application using ADO.Net Entity Framework

29 בינואר 2008

ASP.Net MVC Sample Application using ADO.Net Entity Framework By now, you already know that I like walkthoughs posts the most. Developers in different levels of knowledge and experience can learn the same stuff and get the same results using a well documented, step-by-step walktrough. I have just noticed that Brad Adams has posted a new technical walktrough for the ASP.Net MVC framework, which is part of the ASP.Net 3.5 Extensions. The post also contains a full source code of the sample for you to download and examine. Take a look at it here. Enjoy!
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Results from Readers Survey (January 2008)

Not long ago I posted a survey to my blogs readers, in order to get more connected with them, know what they like more and what they are expecting from this blog moving into 2008. here are the results of the survey with the questions they are related to: 1. How long have you been reading this blog? Most of the readers (50%) have started reading this blog in the last 6 months. I wonder if it has anything to do with a specific technology I've been writing about or a specific activity I've been involved...
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ADO.Net Data Services Screencasts

27 בינואר 2008

ADO.Net Data Services Screencasts I've been working on my own ADO.Net Data Services screencast, but with all the time I'm spending in my new job, I couldn't find the time to finally record and upload it. Fortunately, Mike Taulty is faster then me, and has already published several screencasts: ADO.NET Data Services - Surfacing Data ADO.NET Data Services - Querying with URI's ADO.NET Data Services - A Basic .NET Client ADO.NET Data Services - A Basic AJAX Client ADO.NET Data Services...

Test Yourself: Are you a Windows Workflow Foundation Expert?

23 בינואר 2008

Test Yourself: Are you a Windows Workflow Foundation Expert? K. Scott Allen has posted 10 "hard core" WF questions to ask a job candidate. I haven't done a job interview with someone and asked him about WF, but it was nice to evaluate my knowledge of the technology. If you're using WF on a regular basis, I suggest that you take this "test" and catch up where you are missing some information. The list of answers can help. Enjoy!

Policy Injection Application Block (PIAB) and WCF

21 בינואר 2008

Policy Injection Application Block (PIAB) and WCF The February Edition of MSDN Magazine was recently published with a great collection of articles: Roll Your Own: Create a Language Compiler for the .NET Framework  Joel Pobar Silverlight: Create a Custom Expression Encoder Publishing Plug-In  Laurence Moroney WF How-To: Building State Machines with Windows Workflow Foundation  Keith Pijanowski Data Points: Designing an Entity Data Model John Papa Cutting Edge: Customize Controls with AJAX Extenders, Part 2 Dino Esposito Foundations: What’s New...

Help Me To Improve This Blog

Help Me To Improve This Blog As the number of readers of this blog increases, I feel that being connected to my readers, listening and trying to learn from where I can improve is very important! I created a small survey, and would appreciate If you take the time (1 - 2 minutes) to fill it. Take the survey here. Thank you!
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I Started Working at Microsoft

3 בינואר 2008

I Started Working at Microsoft There! I said it. After working very closely with the Developer & Platform Adoption Group at Microsoft Israel, I decided to join the team. In my new job, I will do what I like to do most, which is to keep the Israeli developers community updated with Microsoft's latest technologies, and help customers to choose the best of Microsoft has to offer. "Most of us spend our time over in the red circle doing stuff someone will pay us to do. If you're lucky, you spend your time in-between them, doing stuff you're good at also. Sometimes...