ADO.Net Entity Framework: eSqlBlast Tool for E-SQL Queries

13 בדצמבר 2007

ADO.Net Entity Framework: eSqlBlast Tool for E-SQL Queries

E-SQL, the Entities Query Language that comes as part of ADO.Net Entity Framework is a very rich language that queries in terms of the your application's Entity Data Model (EDM).

Zlatko Michailov, Program Manager for Entity Services has posted about the eSqlBlast Tool for E-SQL Queries, and I though to give it a try.

I downloaded the eSQLBlast Code, and opened it in Visual Studio 2008.

This solution contains 5 projects / assemblies:

  • Microsoft.Samples.Data.eSqlBlast.Language.dll – a general script processing library. It defines an interface for declaring a language syntax, and implements a common script parser.
  • Microsoft.Samples.Data.eSqlBlast.Core.dll – the only assembly that interacts with Entity Framework.
  • Microsoft.Samples.Data.eSqlBlast.CmdShell.exe – a command-line executable built around the core DLL.
  • Microsoft.Samples.Data.eSqlBlast.WebShell – an ASP.NET web site that exposes the core functionality against a predefined set of models.
  • Microsoft.Samples.Data.eSqlBlast.WinShell.exe – standalone GUI executable that is designed for interactive ad-hoc Entity SQL query authoring.

I ran the WinShell application, used the Add Files button to select the mapping files (.csdl, .ssdl and .msl) of a model I've created earlier, and connected to the model.

Note that I had to manually edit the Provider Connection String and provide the name of the Server and the Database.

 eSQLBlast E-SQL

Rendered my model in the Model Tab:


Than, in the Query tab, I typed my E-SQL query. Notice that there is an intellisense will writing the query!

eSQLBlast E-SQL 

and finally, got my results in the Results Tab.


Nice tool that helps writing E-SQL statements but also helps learning how to use the Entity Framework.


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