Oslo – Future Direction of Microsoft BPM Platform

31 באוקטובר 2007

Oslo - Future Direction of Microsoft BPM Platform During the keynote of the SOA & Business Process Conference, Microsoft has announced the future directions in its BPM strategy with Oslo - a multi-release set of technology investments across Application Platform for building service oriented and model driven applications. There are five primary areas of investment targeted by “Oslo”: Server. Microsoft BizTalk Server “6” will continue to provide a core foundation for distributed and highly scalable SOA and BPM solutions, and deliver the capability to develop, manage and deploy composite applications. Services. BizTalk Services “1” will offer a...
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Acropolis Out, WPF Composite Client Applications in!

30 באוקטובר 2007

Acropolis Out, WPF Composite Client Applications in! Back in June 2007, during Teched Orlando, Microsoft has announced the new Client Application Framework: "Acropolis". In the mean time, the patterns & practices team has announced that there are no plans for future releases of CAB and the Smart Client Application Block, and the support for WPF in CAB will be limited to Winforms Interop scenarions only (covered in SCSF May 2007 release). As many incubation project in Microsoft, some are decided to be closed, as well as the Acropolis project. Yesterday, The Acropolis team  has announced that  the core Acropolis concepts  will...
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Israeli Bloggers on Codeproject

29 באוקטובר 2007

Israeli Bloggers on Codeproject If you don't already know, the Israeli Bloggers community has published several articles to codeproject over the last few years. Here is a short summary of the Israeli bloggers and thier articles. Articles by Leon Langleyben (6 articles found) Assembly Explorer 1.0 - Simple utility to browse assembly object hierarchy VB6 - C# Interop Form Toolkit - Interop Form Toolkit was released few days ago. It allows an easy creation of mixed VB6/VB.NET application. One thing it missing is ability to do it in C#. Dynamically Created Controls in ASP.NET - How to dynamically create controls...

תותח – רוצה שיכירו אותך?

28 באוקטובר 2007

תותח - רוצה שיכירו אותך? מוקדם יותר היום, פרסמתי את ההודעה הבאה בתפוז: אני מניח שכולכם מכירים את אתר הבלוגים של מיקרוסופט ישראל (למי שלא מכיר, זה הזמן...)באתר יש כמה עשרות בלוגרים בתחומי עניין מגוונים (למפתחים,ל ארכיטקטים, IT Pro's והרבה נוספים), וביניהם לא מעט MVP's. אני רוצה לנצל הזדמנות זו ולספר מה פתיחת הבלוג הייתה עבורי:לפני כשנה וחצי התחלתי לייעץ לפרוייקט שהתעסק בטכנולוגיות שהיו אז מאד חדשות ובתחילת דרכן (WF, WCF וכו'), והיה מעט מאד תיעוד בנושא. פתחתי את הבלוג גם כדי לתעד את מה שאני מוצא תוך כדי לימוד הטכנולוגיות, בעיות שנתקלתי ופתרתי אבל גם כי רציתי מאד להיות מוכר...

Israeli Bloggers on Facebook

Israeli Bloggers on Facebook With the Facebook social network site keep on growing, you can see more and more activities in it. Particularly, activities that relates to the Israeli online community and Israeli bloggers community: The Microsoft Israel Bloggers group. The Develper Academy II event. The 5th Israeli Bloggers Dinner event. and I'm sure you'll have more in the near future. If you aren't already my friend, you can find my Facebook profile at: http://profile.to/bursteg. Enjoy!
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Entity Data Model Designer – What came out of it in Visual Studio 2008

26 באוקטובר 2007

Entity Data Model Designer - What came out of it in Visual Studio 2008 Back in March, the Data Programmability Team showed off with some New Data Tools in Visual Studio "Orcas". Most interesting was the Future EDM Designer video by Noam Ben Ami. This video shows working with the Database Designer and dragging tables to the Entity Modeler in order to create entities, and later on shows how to refactor the entities and the mapping when the schema changes over time. For me, after giving a presentation about the Entity Framework when there was only a prototype for the...

Linq to SQL Session @ Developer Academy 2

25 באוקטובר 2007

Linq to SQL Session @ Developer Academy 2 Over the last months I've been using Linq to SQL in Visual Studio 2008 through its various releases. In the next Developers Conference here in Israel - Developer Academy 2, I will be giving a session that's all about Linq to SQL. Next Generation Relational Data Access with LINQ to SQL In Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft brings Next Generation Data Access with LINQ to SQL , a part of the LINQ project. LINQ to SQL is  designed to integrate relational data and queries easily into applications, without sacrificing...

All about ObjectDumper

All About ObjectDumper Why do I need it for? In many demos, we print objects to the Console window. If the object is a very simple one, like: public class Vehicle {     public string VehicleID { get; set; }     public int Year { get; set; }     public string Model { get; set; } } than it is very easy: Vehicle v = new Vehicle { VehicleID = "30-804-15", Model = "Mazda 3", Year = 2006 }; Console.WriteLine("VehicleID = {0}, Model = {1}, Year = {2}", v.VehicleID, v.Model, v.Year); But what if the object...

Linq to SQL Features in RTM

18 באוקטובר 2007

Linq to SQL Features in RTM Dinesh Kulkarni, the current program manager of Linq to SQL, has lately posted in the Linq Project MSDN Forum about the key changes moving from Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2 to RTM. The list of changes contain some changes and features, as well as change in the behavior of the Attach method. Today, Dinesh has posted about the list of features which will not be in Linq to SQL v1. From his post: Support for other databases with or without a public provider model. Out-of-the-box multi-tier story. Yes, we do...