Congratulations! I'm a Microsoft MVP

2 באוקטובר 2007


Congratulations! I'm a Microsoft MVP

Guy Burstein, MVPI have just received an email congratulating me for being awarded as an MVP for 2008!

You can take a look at my MVP Profile.

I want to take this opportunity to thank the community that supported me over the past year. Special thanks goes to Yosi Taguri who has nominated me for the MVP program with these words:

"Guy Burstein has proven to be an invaluable resource for the local sub. He has taken upon himself to evangelize .NET 3.0 and has done tremendous work around it in user groups and blogs.
He mentors new bloggers on best practices and wrote several popular tutorials to help us spread the word on – he’s one of top 3 bloggers on that site and as you can see in his tag cloud he covers lot’s of subjects.
I had the opportunity to work closely with him on a huge event 6 months ago where we had around 2700 developers. Guy proved to be an amazing speaker who done real research for his session while giving his honest view on technology with its good, bad & ugly sides.
Guy has always been available for customers and the local sub, he is giving us continuous and invaluable feedback on the state of the community. He is very pro active, just a few weeks ago he opened a new blog (his 2nd one) that focuses on the Israeli User Groups where he announces new activities, interviewing the speaker and doing a great work spreading the word. He has great people skills.
It is with great pleasure that I write this and I do hope you will approve this nomination; I wish I had 10 more people like Guy in Israel."

Thanks for this award, and no doubt that I will keep on contributing the developers community in Israel and around the world.

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  1. adlaima2 באוקטובר 2007 ב 6:49


  2. Amit Cohen-Berezin2 באוקטובר 2007 ב 7:11

    מזל טוב!!!

    [בהחלט סיבה מספיק טובה להיות ער ב- 4 בבוקר… :-)]

  3. שחר גבירץ2 באוקטובר 2007 ב 8:47

    מזל טוב, בהחלט מגיע לך.


  4. Ella Maschiach2 באוקטובר 2007 ב 9:19

    מזל טוב וסאחה לך! כל הכבוד 🙂

  5. Erik Rozman2 באוקטובר 2007 ב 9:25



  6. Eyal2 באוקטובר 2007 ב 14:06

    מזל טוב !!!

    (גם לרגל הדבר השני הטוב שקורה בחייך)


  7. ashevat2 באוקטובר 2007 ב 21:51

    Very happy for you!!
    Mazal Tove!

  8. Nir Kovalio2 באוקטובר 2007 ב 23:50

    מזל טוב !!!

  9. Roman Kiss3 באוקטובר 2007 ב 8:55



  10. itaysk3 באוקטובר 2007 ב 9:26

    Mazal Tov, I think you really deserve it.
    U'r the man!


  11. שי ברומר3 באוקטובר 2007 ב 10:16

    מזל טוב!!!

  12. ארנון4 באוקטובר 2007 ב 21:22

    מזל טוב ! זה היה רק ענין של זמן עד שיגיע המייל אבל עכשיו זה רשמי.
    ברכות !

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