Building WCF Services with WF

27 ביוני 2007


I've been playing a lot with [WCF] and [WF] in the past year, and these days mostly playing with both technologies and their integration features in Visual Studio 2008.

I've recently posted some getting started tutorials:

  • WF and WCF Integration in "Orcas" – Part 1 – Workflow Enabled Services
  • WF and WCF Integration in "Orcas" – Part 2 – Service Enabled Workflows
  • Yesterday, a new screencast was published about building WCF Services with WF in Visual Studio 2008. This 75 minutes screencast is given by Pravin Indurkar, the PM responsible for these features.

    You can watch the screencast here.

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    1. Andri Mirandi12 בדצמבר 2007 ב 2:49

      Wow, I cant see the podcast due to the slow internet speed in my country
      Could you please tell me what the pod cast is all about ? or perhaps the link to the article accompanying the pod cast

      Btw.. Great job on the WF & WCF tutorials

    2. pjrxtg12 בינואר 2008 ב 12:37

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