Enterprise Library – Logging Application Block – Screencast [HE]

19 ביוני 2007

Enterprise Library – Logging Application Block – Screencast

Lately, I presented several application blocks from Enterprise Library 3.1. You can find the slide decks and demos in this post.

Due to audience demand, I recorded some screencast of the demos I showed during the presentation, and they are finally available for you.

The first screencast shows the demo application that I have used in order to show the capabilities of the application blocks, and some nice features of the Logging Application Block. Please notice that the screencast was recorded in Hebrew, but the demo is clear enough to be watched without understanding a word.

<a href="/files/folders/15653/download.aspx"> <img src="/Themes/default/images/video.gif" border="0" width="480" height="360"> </a><br /><a href="/files/folders/15653/download.aspx">View Video</a><br />Format: aspx<br />Duration: &#8211;:&#8211;

Download the screencast(WMV)


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  1. Yosi Taguri19 ביוני 2007 ב 19:12


  2. Angelo27 ביוני 2007 ב 13:21

    Do you know if it is possible to configure the logging block at runtime?
    For example I want choose logging to a file or to a database according to user preference.


  3. Guy Burstein27 ביוני 2007 ב 13:32

    You can do some of the configuration work by code:

  4. Marius C.6 בנובמבר 2007 ב 12:06

    Really fun, however, i guess it would help more if it would be in english.

    Thanks anyway,
    C. Marius

  5. martin19 בנובמבר 2007 ב 3:18

    very good presentation, how do you implemented the balloon TraceListener? is very cool

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