Insert, Update, Delete support in Entity SQL (ADO.Net Entity Framework)

9 במרץ 2007


According to the ADO.Net Team here and here, there will be no support of DML operations in Entity SQL as part of V1 of ADO.Net Entity Framework (in Visual Studio "Orcas" release").

Bob has raised a good point: While some data stores (for example SQL Compact Edition) do not support stored procedures at all, wouldn't it be better to prioritize DML in Entity SQL over using Stored Procedures? I totally agree with him.


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  1. Daniel Simmons2 ביוני 2007 ב 6:54

    I just noticed this post on your blog, and I had to jump in with a clarification…

    The fact that entity sql doesn't support DML does NOT mean that entity sql can only do updates against databases that support sprocs. it just means that the only way the entity framework handles updates for the first release is through the object services layer where you retrieve objects modify them (or delete or create new ones) and then save changes back to the database. What we won't have in the first release is the ability to write an eSQL query which says, for instance, "set property a to value b on all entities in this set where this condition is met". Instead you would have to retrieve the entities which meet the condition, iterate over them to set the value and then save the changes back.

    Under the covers this might use SQL DML or it might use sprocs depending on how you setup the mapping.

    DML support in eSQL is certainly something we want to add in the future, but it just won't make it for the first release.

    – Danny (System.Data.Objects dev guy)

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