New Features In WF and WCF in "Orcas" (March CTP)

1 במרץ 2007

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Some new cool features were added to WF and WCF in the latest CTP:

Workflow enabled services

Workflow enabled services allow two key things:

  • Easily consume WCF services inside of a workflow 
  • Expose a workflow as a WCF service

This is accomplished by the following additions:

  • Messaging Activities (Send and Receive)
    • With designer support to import or create contracts
  • WorkflowServiceHost, a derivation of ServiceHost
  • Behavior extensions that handles message routing and instantiation of workflows exposed via services.
  • Channel extensions for managing conversation context.

JSON / AJAX Support

While there has been a lot of focus on the UI side of AJAX, there still remains the task of creating the sources for the UI to consume. One can return POX (Plain Old Xml) and then manipulate it in the javascript, but that can get messy. JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a compact, text-based serialization of a JavaScript object.

Syndication Support

This allows a developer to quickly return a feed from a service. Think of using this as another way to expose your data for consumption. We have introduced a SyndicationFeed object that is an abstraction of the idea of a feed that you program against. We then leave it up to config to determine if that is an ATOM or RSS feed (and, would it be WCF if we didn't give you a way to implement a custom encoding as well?) So this is cool if you just want to create a simple feed, but it also allows you to create a more complicated feed that has content that is not just plain text.

Read more about it and see some code snippets on Matt Winkler's Blog.

I'm exited. How about you?


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