WF and WCF Performance

31 במרץ 2007

I have been asked this week for a performance comparison between WCF and other distributed communication technologies, and I didn't have any. Luckily, today, a new MSDN article called: A Performance Comparison of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) with Existing Distributed Communication Technologies was published, and gives me the information I need. The article concludes that: "When migrating distributed applications written with ASP.NET Web Services, WSE, .NET Enterprise Services and .NET Remoting to WCF, the performance is at least comparable to the other existing Microsoft distributed communication technologies. In most cases, the performance is significantly better for WCF over the other existing technologies....
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New Data Tools in Visual Studio "Orcas"

29 במרץ 2007

The Data Programmability Team has been working hard to get some new data tools into the next version of Visual Studio "Orcas" in order to increase developers productivity and help to adapt the new features that will ship in this version like ADO.Net Entity Framework. They have put together some short screencasts that show their work, and present the new tools: XML Editor (watch the screencast) Create schemas from a Xml file in one click inside the IDE. Relate a new Xml file to existing schema and generate a default instance, Enable Intellisense for editing Xml file that was related to a...
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WF Roadshow for Premier Customers – Postponed

I have just received the message telling me that the WF session planed for TODAY, was postponed to an unknown date. On behalf of Microsoft I am very sorry for the last minute notice, and I hope to see you in this session when we reschedule. You can still catch me today at HP Raanana in the Israeli Architects User Group. I will post here the new date for the Premier Customers session.
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Reminder – WF Roadshow – This week!

26 במרץ 2007

If you missed my Windows Workflow Foundation session at the Microsoft Developers Academy, and you don't want to see the video, you have a chance to catch it this week: When? Where? Save it! March 28,16:00 - 18:30 Jerusalem Developers User Group, Jerusalem (Save to your calendar) March 29, 13:00 - 15:30 Microsoft Premier User Group, Microsoft Raanana ( Save to your calendar) March 29, 17:30 - 20:00 Israeli Architects User Group, HP Raanana ( Save to your calendar) See you there! The slide decks are already available for download in My Presentations Page. Enjoy!
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Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) vs. Biztalk Server?

20 במרץ 2007

Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) vs. Biztalk Server? Many customers tend to ask about the relation between WF and Biztalk Server. Is WF the next version of Biztalk Server? Will the WF Rule Engine replace the Biztalk BRE (Business Rules Engine)? Typically, people are looking for guidelines or the appropriate questions to answer in order to make the right decision. The main difference between Biztalk Server and WF is that Biztalk is a product for BPM (Business Process Management) and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration), which comes with a price. WF is a framework for developers to build solutions...
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Add ExternalDataExchangeService by Config – ExternalDataExchangeServiceSection

17 במרץ 2007

Add ExternalDataExchangeService by Config - ExternalDataExchangeServiceSection It is very easy to use configuration file in order to configure the runtime services that will be added to the workflow runtime when it starts: You should create a configuration section, and add the services. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?><configuration>    <configSections>        <section name="WorkflowRuntime"                  type="System.Workflow.Runtime.Configuration.WorkflowRuntimeSection, System.Workflow.Runtime, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35"/>    </configSections>    <WorkflowRuntime Name="MyApplication">        <Services>            <add type="System.Workflow.Runtime.Hosting.DefaultWorkflowSchedulerService, System.Workflow.Runtime, Version=3.0.00000.0, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35"/>            <add type="..." />        </Services>    </WorkflowRuntime></configuration> With ExternalDataExchangeService it is a different story. ExternalDataExchangeService, as with the WorkflowRuntime contains a list of services in it. So, how can one configure it with its services in the...

Just Released: March CTP of BPEL Activities for WF

Back in February, Paul Andrew (Technical Product Manager of WF) has announced that this march we will have the first CTP of BPEL (Business Process Execution Language) activities for WF. Earlier today, March CTP of BPEL Activities became available for download.  The plan is that WF and Biztalk Server vNext (Built on top of WF) will implement OASIS BPEL 2.0 standard, but in the meanwhile the March CTP implements BPEL for Web Services Version 1.1. From the download page: "BPEL for Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) is an add on for Windows Workflow Foundation in the .NET Framework 3.0. BPEL is the...
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הפסקת אינטרנט

15 במרץ 2007

מכירים את התמונה הזאת שכשיש הפסקת חשמל אז יושבים בבית עם נרות ומדברים? אומרים שאיזה מזל שיש לנו טלפון פשוט שלא מחובר לחשמל... היום הרגשתי ממש ככה. החל משעה 16:00 בערך לא הייתי מחובר לאינטרנט (בגלל הנפילה של בזק בינלאומי) והרגשתי כאילו אני מנותק מכל העולם! לא רחוק היום שחיבור לאינטרנט יהיה אחד השירותים שכל בית מתחבר אליהם, בדיוק כמו מים, חשמל וטלפון, ואז באמת המושג "הפסקת אינטרנט" יתפוס... תזכרו מי המציא אותו ... איך היתה לכם ההפסקה?
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מי אמר עברית ולא קיבל?

  פוסט זה הוא פוסט המשך בסדרה "טיפים וטריקים: כתיבת פוסטים באתר הבלוגים". אחרי שהחלטת מי קהל היעד של הבלוג שלך, והחלטת באיזו שפה אתה מתכוון לכתוב, רצוי לבחור Theme מתאים. עבור עברית יש באתר הבלוגים מספר Themes ייעודיים לכתיבה בעברית. אבל, למרות שבעת כתיבת הפוסט והפרסום שלו, הכל נראה בסדר, הבעיה מתגלה דווקא אצל מי שמנוי על ה- RSS Feed של הבלוג שלכם, וזה נראה ככה:   אז גם אם השתמשתם ב Theme בעברית, וגם אם הבלוג שלכם הוא אנגלי והחלטתם לכתוב בעברית מדי פעם, חשוב לבצע את הפעולה הבאה: בעת עריכת הפוסט שלכם (לא משנה אם דרך האתר, דרך...