About ADO.Net Entity Framework bits in "Orcas" CTP's

19 בינואר 2007

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I've been playing with ADO.Net Entity Framework for quite some time now. I have already given a talk about it in the Israeli Architects User Group and published my slide deck and demos from that session.
During that session I presented the Entity Framework using Visual Studio 2005 with LINQ Preview May CTP, ADO.Net Entity Framework August CTP and the additional EDM Designer.
These days, when Visual Studio "Orcas" CTP's are out, there is a bit confusion about which CTP / bits to use in order to play with the Entity Framework.

The latest January CTP of Orcas contains the latest bits of the ADO.Net Entity Framework, as it is mentioned in the download page:

  • Extended, more powerful data APIs with the ADO.NET Entity Framework and LINQ to ADO.NET.

BUT… There is no support for LINQ in this CTP, and there is no support for any ADO.Net tools.

So, currently, I would advise anyone who wishes to play a little bit with the ADO.Net Entity Framework to use the August CTP + LINQ May CTP + EDM Designer installed on Visual Studio 2005.

The good news is that February CTP of Orcas should contain LINQ for Entities and LINQ for Datasets support and some additional features, including:

  • Mapping EntitySets to stored procedures for (Create,Update and Delete operations) 

  • DataBinding support 

  • Default DataContract support on Entities 

  • EDMGen.exe (reverse engineering tool)

Can’t wait for February CTP.


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