wca.exe – Workflow Communication Activities Generation

24 בדצמבר 2006

wca.exe - Workflow Communication Activities Generation I have already written about External Data Exchange mechanism in Windows Workflow Foundation earlier.  I mentioned that using CallExternalMethod and HandleExternalEvent activities is the way to communicate with the hosting environment.Using these activities, you have to define which External Data Exchange Interface to use, the method to call (or the event to register for) and the arguments. Isn't there a way to create a "Strongly typed" communication activities for a specific Data Exchange Interface? Well, it turns out there is… WCA (short name for Workflow Communication Activities) is a tool that when given an assembly which contains...

Workflow Persistence Point with PersistActivity | PersistOnClose

23 בדצמבר 2006

Workflow Persistence Point with PersistActivity | PersistOnClose The WF runtime persists workflow instances to the persistence store when the execution of an activity with System.Workflow.ComponentModel.PersistOnCloseAttribute on it is completed. One good out-of-the-box example is the TransactionScopeActivity: When it's execution is completed, the Workflow Runtime persists the Workflow instance using the Persistence Service. If you have a point in your business process where you want to persist the instance of the workflow, and this point is not right after a TransactionScopeActivity has been completed, you can use an activity that will tell the runtime that now is the time to...
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Enterprise Library 3.0 December 2006 CTP is out!

Enterprise Library 3.0 first CTP (December 2006 CTP) is available at http://www.codeplex.com/entlib. This CTP includes a partial implementation of the Validation Application Block, Application Block Software Factory, Visual Studio-integrated config tool, DAAB enhancements and more. You can download the CTP from here. You'll also find the release notes for this CTP in this page. Enjoy!
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Advanced Workflow Session @ Microsoft Developer Academy

15 בדצמבר 2006

Microsoft Israel is having the biggest event ever been in Israel for developers this January. I am very excited towards this event both about the technologies that will be discussed there, but mostly because I am one of the people who is going to talk about them!I'll be giving a talk about Windows Workflow Foundation which I have been playing with for the last 6 month! The session is called "Technology In Action! Windows Workflow Foundation Advanced Techniques", and requires some background in WF, since we will go deep into some advanced and very interesting scenarios using WF showing large amount of coding. If you are...

Software Factory + Application Block = Software Factory Application Block!

14 בדצמבר 2006

"One of the coolest new capabilities in Enterprise Library v3 is the Application Block Software Factory. As its name ever-so-subtly suggests, this will be a software factory for building your own application blocks. We'll be including an early drop of this factory in the first preview release of Enterprise Library v3..." Check out Tom's blog for more details... Enjoy!
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Build workflow rules using Code Dom and Rules API

4 בדצמבר 2006

A short reminder about rules and conditions Condition - Expression that evaluates to True or FalseRule – Modeled as:   If <Condition>   Then <RuleAction(s)>   Else <RuleAction(s)>RuleSet - Collection of Rules with a set of execution semantics. The RuleSet Editor that ships with Windows Workflow Foundation may be very convenient for developers, but for the end-user or even the business analyst it might not.Building another user interface for editing rules, developers use CodeDom in order to create their rules conditions and actions on-the-fly. Both conditions and actions are just code expressions or statements expressed with CodeDom. In order to use them in the context of rules, they...