Wanna play with Visual Studio "Orcas"?

September CTP of Visual Studio "Orcas" is available for download. This CTP is provided as a Virtual PC Image, so if you want to give it a go you can download it from here.   You can get Virtual PC and Virtual Server for free from here (Virtual PC) and here (Virtual Server). The highlights of this CTP include: LINQ to Objects API (query arrays, generic lists and other .Net collections using LINQ) Partial C# 3.0 support (see http://msdn.microsoft.com/netframework/futures) for more details on where this is going .Net framework improvements Enjoy!
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[ADO.Net vNext] – Entity Data Model Designer CTP

28 בספטמבר 2006

The ADO.Net team has announced that a prototype of the visual designer for creation Entity Data Models is available for download. The designer in this CTP is an early prototype and only supports designing the “Conceptual” layer. The designer can also generate an Entity Data Model with 1:1 mappings from an existing database that you can use right away in your application while also graphically visualizing the “Conceptual” layer. Read more about the EDM Designer in the ADO.Net team Blog. Enjoy!
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ServiceFaultHandler – WCF ExceptionHandler for Enterprise Library

27 בספטמבר 2006

One of the projects I am currently working on, uses both Windows Communication Foundation and Enterprise Library 2.0. While there is no out-of-the-box integration between those two, we ran into some points where some work had to be done. One of them is to create an exception handling policy for Enterprise Library that replaces an .net exception with a fault contract exception.   I'll take this post to go throw the need and the solution we came up for it. So here goes…   WCF Fault Handling When an exception occurs in a WCF service, the wire cuts off and the client receives a communication exception...

Plans for Enterprise Library v3

After getting through the Vision and Scope for the next release of Enterprise Library v3, the Patterns & Practices team has posted the list of features for the first milestone: Medium Trust support Manageability extensions for configuration (WMI, Group Policy) Simple Strong-naming Mini-Factory for building your own blocks and providers Validation Application Block Exception Handling: WCF integration (exception shielding / fault mapping) Logging: WCF pipeline integration AuthZ: WCF Pipeline integration You can expect to see a bit more activity (and eventually some early code drops) on the Enterprise Library Community site.   Read more in Tom's Blog.   Enjoy!
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VS2005 Tip: Nest files for partial classes

25 בספטמבר 2006

Partial classes are a great new feature in Visual Studio 2005. They allow the definition of a class, struct or interface to be split into multiple files. You usually find partial classes when using some kind of a designer, such as Windows Forms Designer, or DataSet Designer, but sometimes you just want to split your class to separate files (maybe to allow some developers work simultaneously on the same file in source control).   In order to arrange the solution a little bit, Instead of keeping all files of the same partial class in the same tree level, you can nest them...

New Year Trip to Jerusalem

Advantech arranged an evening trip to Jerusalem last week for celebrating the New Year! After travelling in the City of David, we had a great celebration in an ethnic resturant. In this picture (From the left): Shai Brumer, Guy Burstein, Dan Amiga and Shahar Nechmad. In this picture (From the left): Eyal Heiferman, Shai Brumer, Guy Burstein and Dan Amiga. Cheers!
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WCF Live Service Trace Viewer – Beta 1

The Service Trace Viewer provided with the .NET 3.0 SDK allows the operation of Windows Communication Foundation applications to be examined after the fact.  The Live Service Trace Viewer  by Craig McMurtry & Vittorio Bertocci shows the application services interaction while it’s happening!  As such, it can serve as a tool for diagnostics and also to make any Windows Communication Foundation demonstration come alive.  A video of the Live Service Trace Viewer in action can be found here.  The Channel 9 interview with Laurence Melliol and Craig is here. Enjoy!
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Web Client Software Factory project kicks off!

16 בספטמבר 2006

The patterns and practices team has just released their first community drop of the Web Client Software Factory (available at www.msdn.microsoft.com/webclientfactory) The Web Client Software Factory is a guidance will provide comprehensive architecture guidance to help customers build web solutions using the Microsoft platform (ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, Workflow Foundation, etc). The factory will include: Scenario documentation (a description of the requirements and technical challenges that the factory will address) Architecture documentation Design patterns How-tos Guidance Packages (Visual Studio 2005 extensions for automating common tasks) Reference Implementations (complete sample applications using the Factory) Training content (Hands-On-Labs, demos, etc) Enjoy!
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