WCF Guidance Packages

31 באוגוסט 2006

If you have the July CTP of .NET 3.0 installed and have been wanting to use Service Factory to create WCF services, it is now posible!The new release (August CTP) includes 2 guidance packages: the main WCF GP and the WCF security GP. The Data Access GP that is part of the Service Factory July release will work with these guidance packages. Not included in this release:Documentation, and reference implementation (RI) because the team expects it will change considerably from the RI that is part of the July Service Factory release. The plan is to release the guidance package in December 2006, and by...
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VS2005 Tip: Open files quickly

23 באוגוסט 2006

When you have large solutions that have many files, even if you arrange your files in folders, they are sometimes very difficult to find...   If you know the full name of the file you want to open (for example Program.cs), you can go to the Find ComboBox in the Standard toolbar. (You can go directly to this combo box using Ctrl + / keystroke). Then type your file name and hit Ctrl + Shift + G. Your file will be opened in a new tab. If it is already open, it will be focused.   If the file name is too long, or...
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Announcing: The ADO.NET vNext August CTP

ADO.NET vNext August CTP is available for download.   This CTP includes: The ADO.NET Entity Framework, which includes: The Entity Data Model (EDM), which allows developers to model data at a higher level of abstraction A powerful client-views/mapping engine to map to and from store schemas Full query support over EDM schemas using Entity SQL and LINQ An object services layer that allows you to choose to present query results as rows and columns or as objects. When using .NET objects, the system will transparently do identity resolution, change tracking and update processing for you. An open provider model that allows other...
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Serializing the same objects in WCF

10 באוגוסט 2006

Today I ran into an interesting question regarding object graph serialization when creating WCF messages. I use 2 business entities: Customers and Orders, and at runtime I have 1000 Order instances that reference the same Customer instance. When I create a message and pass an Order as the body, will the Customer be serialized only once, or 1000 times? What if I have 2 instances of Customer (reference equals = false) but they are logically equal (c1.equals(c2) == true)? Is this behavior a serializer specific or common to all serializers?   With a little help from a friend, Justin Smith, we came up with...
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Transaction over Threads

9 באוגוסט 2006

When you start a transaction scope, and inside you start another thread. How can you commit or rollback your transaction based on the other thread results? System.Transactions.DependentTransaction is your friend…   class Program {     public static void ThreadProc(object o)     {         DependentTransaction dtx = (DependentTransaction)o;           using (TransactionScope s = new TransactionScope(dtx))         {             // Ensure this thread completes after the main one.             Thread.Sleep(10000);               Console.WriteLine("Before completing dependent transaction scope");             s.Complete();         }           Console.WriteLine("After completing dependent transaction scope ");         dtx.Complete();     }       static void Main(string args)     {         DependentTransaction dtx;         Thread newThread = new Thread(new ParameterizedThreadStart(Program.ThreadProc));           using (TransactionScope s = new TransactionScope())         {             dtx = Transaction.Current.DependentClone(DependentCloneOption.BlockCommitUntilComplete);                newThread.Start(dtx);             Console.WriteLine("About to...
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WCF and WF Integration – Part 1

8 באוגוסט 2006

After spending enough time exploring WCF and WF, It's time to combine them and use them in the same solution.   The are 2 kinds of using WCF and WF together: Workflow-Enabled Services – A standard client call via a generated proxy is received and handled by a WCF services, but all the Business Logic is implemented by a workflow.   Services-Enabled Workflows – A business process that is implemented by a workflow, consumes WCF services as part of the process.   Currently, there is not built in support for integrating the above technologies. You can consume ASMX Web Services within a workflow, and you...
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Windows Workflow Foundation for Developers – Level 200

4 באוגוסט 2006

In addition to my previous post, this is my second presentation for this Sunday. This time, it is targeted for developers who wish to use Windows Workflow in daily basis. This presentation cannot pass all required knowlegde in 1.5 hours, but certainly gives a good understanding of key elements of WF. You are welcome to download the presentation from here. I'd love to hear any comments or questions you may have. Enjoy!
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