Next-Generation Data Access : ADO.NET Entity Framework

16 ביוני 2006


The next version of ADO.NET starts to deliver on Microsoft’s vision for an Entity Framework that can fundamentally change how you think about data. Find out what problem spaces the ADO.NET Entity Framework and Language-Integrated Query are targeting, and their innovative approach for addressing those challenges.

Download the Next Generation Data Access white paper here.

Download the ADO.NET Entity Framework Overview here.

Download the ADO.NET Technical Preview – Entity Data Model here.


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    Anyway, we updated a ton of pages. They Club Penguin fansite include the following lists/guides: Club Penguin Event Log, Item List, and the Dance/Wave/Sit List

    And the following pages: Servers, Elite Penguin Force, (with a new video) Issue 194, Club Penguin Blog, Desktop Backgrounds, Website Banners, and 101 Days of Fun. Enjoy!

  2. EvePlumb10 ביולי 2009 ב 10:36

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