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23 באפריל 2006

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We decided to use the Composite UI Application Block for our Smart Client side, so I am happy yo announce that this blog will also include thoughts, examples and conclusions about it.


To briefly introduce CAB:

The Composite UI Application Block is designed to help you build complex Windows Forms-based applications. It assists you by providing an architecture and implementation that uses the common patterns found in front-end, line-of-business (LOB) applications.


Building an application with the Composite UI Application Block provides the following benefits:

  • Quality and consistency for architecture teams
  • Increased productivity and faster ramp-up time for large developer teams
  • Consolidation of operational efforts for operations teams

The application block is designed to support the development of smart client line-of-business applications, such as those used in the following scenarios:

  • Online transaction processing (OLTP) front-ends
  • Rich client portal scenarios
  • UI-intensive, information worker standalone applications (such as those used in call centers)

Relevant links:
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Visit Community page of CAB:


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