Basic Service Solutions

21 באפריל 2006

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Everytime I sit down to write some WCF code to check out a new idea of mine, I find myself spending the first few minutes writing the same code, just to create a basic service to begin with.

I created 2 solutions that will be used as basic sevice templates for me: EchoServiceTemplate and EchoServiceLight.

EchoServiceTemplate  seperates the service project from the host project, and seperates the client project from the service agent project (=Client Proxy). Additionaly, this project usese configuratino files to config the bindings, endpoints, behaviors etc.

EchoServiceLight is a smaller solution that doesn't contain configuration files at all.

Here are the solution contents:



All my following samples will be based upon theses solutions. I recommend that you use it as well.

You can download the solution from here.


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