Challenge Quick Access (Links)

Friday, July 17, 2015

this is a quick access page to the Challenges Challenge #1: Buffer On Time, Count and Custom Trigger #2: Avoid Overlaps #3: Suspend on faults throttle #4: Create message from spitted chunks #5: Exception Safe-Point #6: Weak subscription #7: Where Async #8: Suspend Buffering and flush #9: Execute Async Until #10: DistinctUntilChanged with expiration period #11: Semaphore Wait Async Like #12: Task.Delay   Solutions #1: Buffer On Time, Count and Custom Trigger #2: Avoid Overlaps

The 3rd day of the SDP

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The 3rd day of the SDP was over and I want to thanks all the attendants. my yesterday session was about C# 5 async and await. today I will have a full day tutorial on Rx and TPL Dataflow. you can download the demo code and also the presentation for second and third days from here (the link is also having the demo code for today's sessions). anyway, I also want to recommend 2of yesterday session. if you were attend at the conference you should have an access to...

Async / Await for .NET 4, Silverlight and Windows Phone

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Async / Await for .NET 4, Silverlight and Windows Phone if you have to target .NET 4, Silverlight and Windows Phone and still want to use the async / await pattern. the BCL team provide you with a new NuGet package named Microsoft.Bcl.Async. this package was announced as stable a few week ago. so you can check it out if you're having VS 2012 but should target one of the above platforms. be aware that this package won't work with 2010.
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EF 6: Async

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

EF 6: Async this post is the first in a series about what's new in EF 6. great improvements are about to come with Entity Framework 6. it is a major release and the first one since EF become an open source. each post in the series will be dedicate to a single feature. this post will focus on a new EF a-sync features. the first question that should be asked is, why do we need parallel data access? moreover why...

Async and AggregateException

Monday, January 14, 2013

Async and AggregateException this post is a complementary to Eran Stiller's post. I was reading Eran Stiller's post about exception handling using async methods and I want to add a few side notes. 1) the exception handling behavior decisions is well documented in this post (by the TPL team), it decided after they had consider different options. 2) I was suggesting that compiler will check whether the a catch of AggregateException is implemented and if so to avoid the unwrapping behavior. in this case the...

Will it crash my process

Monday, December 10, 2012

Will it crash my process here is a short question, it was taken from a real life bug that occurs at one of my customers. will the following code crash the process? Code Snippet List<object> items = new List<object>();   try {     Parallel.For(0, 10000000, t =>     {         items.Add("1");     });   } catch (AggregateException ex) { } it is a non thread safe code that should throw an IndexOutOfRangeException. but it wouldn't crash the process, but what about the following code?...

Async – Handling multiple Exceptions

Async - Handling multiple Exceptions the SDP conference was ended a few week ago and I finally find a time to write some comments. It was a very successful conference, the feedback and evaluations, of most sessions scored higher than 4.5, some well-over it. For example, one workshop had a perfect 5 / 5 score, and two other workshops scored 4.92 / 5 and 4.9 / 5. The highest score for a breakout session was 9.39 / 10, which is the highest score we’ve seen to date. my score was 4.90 / 5. but this post...
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My session at the SDP

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sela conferences (SDP) is coming near (25-29/3/2012). you can check the following link for all the SDP's tutorials and sessions I will present 2 full-day tutorials (Yaniv Rodenski will join me on the first one). the first day Introduction to the Task Parallel Library is a full TPL 4 day which will give you a solid knowledge, HowTo and Consideration about building parallel application using the TPL library.   at the end of this day we will survey some improvement made in .NET 4.5 to the existing TPL Library. the second day Parallel Programming: One...

Parallel.ForEach behavior

Monday, February 27, 2012

Parallel.ForEach behavior this post is a direct continuation for the previous post about "Real-life story: Blocking Collection". (Real-life story: Blocking Collection).ContinueWith (t => this post); or await (Real-life story: Blocking Collection); this post; my colleague Bram Veldhoen has suggest to demonstrate the behavior of the Parallel.ForEach thread's hunger in more pure fashion which doesn't include BlockingCollection<T> or any other high level Enumerable. the following code demonstrate the issue by using a slow Enumerable: Code...