Scoping With Unity IoC

Monday, March 7, 2016

Scoping With Unity IoC This post continue the Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Scoping and it dealing with scoping on Unity IoC. If you didn’t read the Microsoft.Composition post it is recommend to take a look on it before reading this post. this post will focus on the API (and won’t discuss the concept).   Many IoC support scoping, many times it refer for child container. in this post I will show how, Unity handle this task. On future post I will discuss other container.   Scoping with Unity this is how you do the scoping with Unity: ...
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Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Scoping

Sunday, March 6, 2016

  Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Scoping This post is part of mini series, which complete the full MEF series. This post will go over Microsoft.Composition Scoping.   What is IoC scoping? IoC scoping is the ability to control the lifetime of registration per specific execution scope. whatever resolved in the scope can resolve it’s item that register under the scope or at its parent container.   Classic example for such scope is request. You may want to resolve the same instance again and again within the request scope while keeping it completely isolated from other requests. When supporting this...
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