Rx – SP1

Sunday, December 25, 2011

RX - SP1 Rx release is having it first service pack. The Service Pack release doesn't include any new API-level functionality and fixes a few minor bugs (all of which were already fixed in the Experimental Releases in the v1.1 band): Scheduler.TaskPool now guarantees the use of the task pool. See this forum post for more info. SkipUntil now propagates errors of the source sequence, even when the "until" sequence hasn't fired yet. ToQbservable now accepts an IScheduler parameter, mirroring its ToObservable brother....

SDP Agenda – TPL and Beyond

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

SDP Agenda - TPL and Beyond the SDP conference is taking place next week and we have close the final agenda. the first day (Introduction to TPL) will include: TPL introduction What's new in TPL 4.5 the second day (Parallel Programming: One Step Beyond) will include: Async (new syntax for .NET 4.5) Rx - Reactive Extension TPL Dataflow

Rx – User Group Summary

Friday, November 25, 2011

Rx - User Group Summary I want to thanks the participant of User Group. a subject that was continually raising during the session was the Rx Remote (cloud) story, as I said this is something that the Rx team is working on. we can see some early adoption of the Idea in open source like Rxx, but the library's API doesn't there yet. today we still do not have a real simple scenario of remote scheduler (over Remoting / Wcf / Azure), and even more important remote IQbservable that will...

Rx – User Group session

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Rx - User Group session this is just a reminder, tomorrow (Wednesday 2011-11-22) I'm giving Rx (Reactive Extension) session at Microsoft Israel user group. if you want to hear about Rx you can register at here.   on the other hand if you want a full day tutorial on TPL 4.5 you can resister to Sela Developer Practice (this one is not for free). Yaniv Rodenski and I will give 2 days tutorials about TPL and Async programing in .NET 4.5. the first...

Rx Release

Friday, July 1, 2011

Rx Release the Rx (Reactive Extension) is finally shipped, and it seem a great time for speaking about the Rx future. Rx was started as in process technology, but with the addition of the IQbservable (the Rx complementary of IQueryable), Rx is breaking the process boundary.   actually this is the same story as for IEnumerable and IQueryable, IQueryable broke the process boundary of the IEnumerable execution. using IQueryable we can translate the IEnumerable into expression tree which will later...