Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Convention

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Convention This post is part of mini series, which complete the full MEF series. this post will go over Microsoft.Composition conventions. personally I really like convention over IoC, because it’s lead to better consistency of the code-base’s naming. Convention can be simple as the following code: Code Snippet var conventions = new ConventionBuilder(); conventions.ForType<Logger>().Export<ILogger>(); conventions.ForTypesDerivedFrom<ISetting>()             .ExportInterfaces(t => t == typeof(ISetting)); var configuration = new ContainerConfiguration()     .WithAssembly(typeof(Program).Assembly, conventions);   using (var container = configuration.CreateContainer()) {     container.GetExport<ILogger>(); } As you can see the convention can be strict as in line 2,or more general as in line 3,4.the configuration (line 5,6) define the assembly which the convention relate to. convention can be more...

Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Attribute Model

Microsoft.Composition (Portable MEF): Attribute Model This post is part of mini series, which complete the full MEF series. The original MEF series goes over the version shipped with the .NET framework.This mini series will go over the API of 3rd lightweight (yet efficient) MEF version which consumed via NuGet. This version is following the same concept of the previous changes yet some APIshas been changed. Apart of the APIs refactoring (mostly for better)this MEF version is having much better descriptive Exception (it was really bad on previous versions) The down side of this version is lack of documentation.this mini...

MEF for Beginner (Deployment Catalog) – part 12

Thursday, April 1, 2010

MEF for Beginner (Deployment Catalog) - part 12   this is the 12th post of the MEF for Beginner series, the series TOC is available here. this post will focus on Deployment Catalog.   the code sample for this post can be found here.     What is MEF Deployment Catalogs? the deployment catalog is actually a redesign of the older package catalog. it enable to load parts from xap packages a-synchronically.   Code sample the following code sample depend on 2 assembly that...

MEF Preview 9 released

Friday, February 26, 2010

MEF Preview 9 was released   MEF preview 9 changes will be reflected the in the release of .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 4.0.   except from bug fixing, there was some changes to the API, most of the changes is related to  System.ComponentModel.Composition.Initilization.dll, which is not yet available only for none Silverlight application :-(   here is a short list of API changes: PackageCatalog were brought back, and changed it name to DeploymentCatalog. ...

Catalogs (code cartoon)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Catalogs (code cartoon) catalog are search boundary for the composition container.         you can read more about MEF on MEF for beginner series, the TOC is available here   תגים של Technorati:‏ Extensibility,MEF,Composition,catalogs
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MEF for Beginner (Catalogs) – part 10

Saturday, February 13, 2010

MEF for Beginner (Catalogs) - part 10 this is the 10th post of the MEF for Beginner series, the series TOC is available here. this post will focus on Catalogs.   What is MEF Catalogs? MEF container is using catalogs as its search area definition. the catalog have instructions about where can MEF look for the compose-able parts (import and export definitions). in short catalogs are actually a discovery instruction.   Out of the box catalogs MEF is shipping with the following out of the box...
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does MEF apply the SOA paradigm?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

does MEF apply the SOA paradigm?   in this post I'm going to argue that the Manage Extensibility Framework (MEF), is actually applying to the 4 tenet of Service Orientation Architecture (SOA), therefore MEF is actually, in-process implementation of the SOA paradigm.   Background when we speaking about SOA we used to think about technologies like web services and WCF, which is cross process technologies. but does SOA define that services should always be consumed from the clouds? local services like loggers, rule engine, cache and more are...

MEF for Beginner (repeatable metadata) – part 9

Friday, January 29, 2010

MEF for Beginner (repeatable metadata) - part 9 this is the 9th post of the MEF for Beginner series, the series TOC is available here. this post will focus on having repeatable metadata definition (cases like definition of multiple categories). if you not familiar with the MEF metadata concept you may want to read part 8.  Bad practice for repeatable metadata In order to explain repeatable metadata, we will start by decorating export with untyped metadata declaration (which consider as bad practice, use typed metadata whenever you...

MEF for Beginner (Recomposition policy) – part 7

Friday, January 15, 2010

MEF for Beginner (Recomposition policy) - part 7       this is the 7th post of the MEF for Beginner series, the series TOC is available here.   the current post will focus on the recomposition policy.   What is the recomposition policy? by default the composition should assign the Import only once (trying to recompose on already composed import will result with exception). using the recomposition policy we can define that our Import is allowing reassignment whenever the container is having...

Secured directory catalog

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Secured directory catalog   I was discussing the question of how to secure your MEF application on this post  where I was publishing replica of the MEF bits hopping that the Secured Directory Catalog will find its way into the MEF core.   but as sad as it is :(, it won't make into the core. you can read more about the MEF team consideration here.   anyway Glenn Block has suggest a solution for haw to build the secured catalog without rewriting half of the...
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