Entity Framework 7 is Missing Again

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Entity Framework 7 is Missing Again the original title of this post was "EF7: better late than never" but when I was learning more about Entity Framework 7's design I was somewhat disappointed. for me then main scenario for Entity Framework is SOA, where EF should be placed on the server side. as we all know server side should be stateless. but EF Team is keeping to ignore it as this scenario and focusing on stateful context. from my perspective the ORM 's best design is stateless server components + stateful client components which responsible of delegating command...

WCF DS-based OData services + EF 6

Monday, November 18, 2013

WCF DS-based OData services + EF 6 WCF Data Services was recently shipped with support for Entity Framework 6.migration from previously version is easy and involve tooling upgrade NuGet package and replacing the inheritance of DataService<> with EntityFrameworkDataService<>. Creating a new EF 6's OData service do the following steps, in order to have EF 6's OData service up and running: Install WCF Data Services 5.6.0 RTM Tools Installer Create hosting project (usually empty ASP.NET) Install the WCF Data Services Entity Framework Provider NuGet(this is still a pre-release package so remember include pre-released packages...

How to start working with EF 6 on VS 2012

Monday, October 21, 2013

How to start working with EF 6 on VS 2012 Entity Framework 6 is finally having a NuGet stable release (version 6.0.1), but you should be aware that start working which this version will required more than adding NuGet reference. in order to use Entity Framework 6 (on VS 2012), you have to follow those steps: install Entity Framework 6 Tools for Visual Studio 2012 you may also want to install EF Power Tools but this one is not mandatory delete...

EF should adopt the WAQS framework

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

EF should adopt the WAQS framework I was speaking with Matthieu MEZIL about his WAQS framework, it is a layer of abstraction over the Entity Framework which I think you should check out. Matthieu is working on it on his free time (currently as an open source) and it is amazing to see what he was able to achieve. this framework is already been in used by some of real word company and it is improving over time (today Matthieu is working on a new version...
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EF 6: Async

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

EF 6: Async this post is the first in a series about what's new in EF 6. great improvements are about to come with Entity Framework 6. it is a major release and the first one since EF become an open source. each post in the series will be dedicate to a single feature. this post will focus on a new EF a-sync features. the first question that should be asked is, why do we need parallel data access? moreover why...

Entity Framework – Pro and Con

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Entity Framework - Pro and Con Consulting as part of a consultant group can lead to better consulting. Sela Israel consultant group is around 40 consultants many of them are speakers in local and international conference. It happens that one of our customers was having some issues around the usage of Entity Framework. even those I was thinking that I'm having most of the answer for that customer I decided to use our internal channel to query what are my colleagues opinions about those issues and sea whether they can enlighten...

Bring Bulk insert into the ORM era

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bring Bulk insert into the ORM era modern application increasingly drifting toward Object Relational Mapping (ORM). but ORMs does not designed for bulk Insert operations, there were a few community solution, including this one, which deal with the issue, those solution are using the old ugly DataTable, which means ugly mapping from DTO to DataTable (and potential memory leak if the DataTable does not disposed).   this post will suggest alternative solution which will use relative small helper class that can convert any IEnumerable<T> into partial implementation of...
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The hidden assumption of EF 4 self-tracking entity

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The hidden assumption of EF 4 self-tracking entity recently I was diving into the Entity Framework self-tracking entity T4 and its generated code. doing so I was finding some interesting assumptions made about the entity behaviors. this post will illuminate some of those assumptions.   Background EF self tracking entity is one of the major enhancement of EF 4.0, it is a disconnected model (similar to the old DataSet) which enable tracking the entity state (Added, Modified, Deleted and Unchanged) while the...
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