SDP Teaser


This is a short teaser for what I’m planning to talk about in the next upcoming SDP conference.

If you happened to be in Israel on May 2017 you can still register to the talk.

The audience for this session expected to have prior knowledge about TPL,  async / await and parallel programming in general.

On this full day workshop I will focus on the less familiar aspects and patterns.

Beyond Async Await, Parallel, Task, Pattern, Dataflow, TPL


Beyond Async And Await

Planed Agenda

* Task from different angle

* Task.Run vs Task.Factory.StartNew

* async / await drill down and custom awaitable

* Some TPL Dataflow

* Better Exception Handling

* Smell and deadlocks

* ConfigureAwait and Scheduler flow (current, default and custom)

* Async IO

* Async Patterns (which you won’t find in the books)

* C#7 enhancements

* Exercise

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