Rx Challenge #11–Solution


Rx Challenge #11–Solution You can find the solution for Challenge 11 below. Previous challenges available here. The following code snippet implement the base functionality which is similar to the functionality of SemaphoreSlim. Code Snippet public class AsyncLock {     private int _counter = 0;     private readonly int _limit;     // semantic Task     private ConcurrentQueue<TaskCompletionSource<object>> _tcsQueue =         new ConcurrentQueue<TaskCompletionSource<object>>();       #region Ctor       /// <summary>     /// Initializes a new instance of the <see cref="AsyncLock"/> class.     /// </summary>     /// <param name="limit">The limit.</param>     public AsyncLock(int limit)     {         _limit = limit;     }       #endregion // Ctor       #region WaitAsync  ...
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Rx Challenge #11


Rx Challenge #11 This challenge is practice of building something already exists, by your own. The challenge is to build async lock similar to the functionality of SemaphoreSlim WaitAsync / Release. You can check this post for the functionality of SemaphoreSlim. You can consider the following building block for this challenge: - Concurrent Collection - Interlocked - TaskCompletionSource You can validate your solution against this Test Code Snippet public async Task AsyncLock_Test() {     // arrange     const int LIMIT = 3;     var gate = new TaskCompletionSource<object>();     var barrier = new CountdownEvent(LIMIT);     var asyncLock =...
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Rx Challenge #10 (Solution): DistinctUntilChanged with expiration period


Rx Challenge #10 (Solution): DistinctUntilChanged with expiration period The solution for the DistinctUntilChanged challenge is: Code Snippet public static IObservable<TSource> DistinctUntilChanged<TSource, TKey, TPeriod>(     this IObservable<TSource> source,     Func<TSource, TKey> keySelector,     IEqualityComparer<TKey> comparer,     IObservable<TPeriod> distinctPeriod) {     var result = source.Publish(hot =>     {         var distinct = hot.TakeUntil(distinctPeriod)                           .DistinctUntilChanged(keySelector, comparer)                           .Repeat();         return distinct;     });     return result; }   The idea is to cancel the district stream after a period and resume the subscription (repeat).   You can use the following convenient overloads: Code Snippet public static IObservable<TSource> DistinctUntilChanged<TSource>(     this IObservable<TSource>...