Rx Challenge #10: DistinctUntilChanged with expiration period


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Rx Challenge #10: DistinctUntilChanged with expiration period

This challenge is DistinctUntilChanged  cancellation after a period.

When having event stream which may produce items in a row and then be idle for a period.

You may want to get item after a period even those it identical the the previous one.


On challenge you need to construct it using composition of existing Rx’s operators.

It can be formulate into the following pattern:

Code Snippet
  1. public static IObservable<T> DistinctUntilChanged<T>(
  2.     this IObservable<T> source,
  3.     TimeSpan distinctPeriod)
  4. {
  5.     // TODO: your code
  6. }


Rx, IObservable, IObserver, Task, Parallel, Async


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