apologize for comment approval


apologize for comment approval I want to apologize for those of you which sent comments and didn’t got approved. historically there was so much spam comments so I stopped checking the comments. recently I spot that most comment are real and I will go on the comments periodically for approval.
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Awaiting RX


Awaiting RX this post discuss the meaning of awaiting RX stream. many languages including .NET embrace the concept of async / await. async / await on .NET is usually refer to Task, but Task in not the only await-able type in .net, in matter of fact there is a few type which can be awaited, one of those type is IObservable.   what happens when you’re awaiting IObservable? When awaiting IObservable the await schedule on completion and resume with the last value. for example: Code Snippet int i = await Observable.Range(0,...
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Service Fabric Concept, Guidelines and Patterns #1


Service Fabric Concept, Guidelines and Patterns #1 this is the first post in series which focus on Service Fabric. the series covers Service Fabric’s concept, guidelines and common patterns.   What is Service Fabric? Service Fabric is new framework that can operate either on the cloud (Azure) or on premise. this framework enable to build solution from small parts (concept known as Micro-Services). Micro-Services can be thought as Object-Oriented for cloud (or distributed application). the most granular unit of Micro-Services called Actor. Actor is similar to class in the Object Oriented paradigm. group of Actor can be packed...