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Code Paste during the years I maintains code snippets as notes for myself.recently goes over it and thought it might be useful to some of you, so I decided to publish it on my blog. you can see my code snippet at you have to do is to fill the "By" filed with my name and click search. enjoy it
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Observable.FromAsync is it the right choice?


Observable.FromAsync is it the right choice? one of the most common RX's practice is to use Observable.FromAsync for executing asynchronous IO operations. typical code may look like: Code Snippet var webClient = new WebClient(); IObservable<string> uris = ...; var dataStream = from uri in uris                     from data in Observable.FromAsync(                         () => webClient.DownloadDataTaskAsync(uri))                     select data; behind the scenes RX set a Task continuation (ContinueWith) and propagate the result through AsyncSubject, actually it is a bit complex and messy implementation combination with TPL Dataflow (.NET 4.5) may offer better solution to asynchronous...

Generic restrictions


Generic restrictions can you predict the output of the following code snippet? Code Snippet static void Main(string args) {     var b = new B();     var g = new General<B>();     g.Exec(b); }   public class A {     public void Print()     {         Console.WriteLine("A");     } } public class B:A {     public void Print()     {         Console.WriteLine("B");     } }   public class General<T>     where T:A {     public void Exec(T t)     {         t.Print();     } } first try to predict before F5 and then give it a try. you might not expect to see so...
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