The 3rd day of the SDP


The 3rd day of the SDP was over and I want to thanks all the attendants.
my yesterday session was about C# 5 async and await.

today I will have a full day tutorial on Rx and TPL Dataflow.
you can download the demo code and also the presentation for second and third days from here (the link is also having the demo code for today’s sessions).

sdp, clr, cryptography , rx, tpl, dataflow, async, await

anyway, I also want to recommend 2of yesterday session.

if you were attend at the conference you should have an access to the sessions video page.
first I want to recommend Ofir Makmal‘s session about .NET 4.5 CLR improvements.

Ofir was talking about subjects like:

  • Multi-core JIT
  • Managed Profile Guided Optimization
  • Auto-Ngen
  • Background Server GC

my favorite subject was Multi-core JIT.

the following is a snippet for Multi-core JITing.

Code Snippet
  1. static void Main(string[] args)
  2. {
  3.     ProfileOptimization.SetProfileRoot(@"C:\MyApplicationFolder");
  4.     ProfileOptimization.StartProfile("startup.profile");
  5. }

my second recommendation is Manu Cohen-Yashar‘s session about .NET cryptography.
Manu’s talk is great for anyone who want to use the .NET cryptography library.

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