EF should adopt the WAQS framework


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EF should adopt the WAQS framework

I was speaking with Matthieu MEZIL about his WAQS framework,
it is a layer of abstraction over the Entity Framework which I think you should check out.
Matthieu is working on it on his free time (currently as an open source) and it is amazing to see what he was able to achieve.
this framework is already been in used by some of real word company and it is improving over time (today Matthieu is working on a new version of it).

WAQS, EF, Database, ORM

as I see it, Microsoft EF team should adopt this framework as part of the EF open source project. I hope that the EF team will put the effort to merge it into their source code.

WAQS is addressing many of the painful scenarios under EF, with a great design and  productivity.

as I understand Matthieu is willing to let the EF team to take ownership over his labor and I believe that it is an opportunity that will be pity to waste (everything within this framework came out of Matthieu’s field experience in order to ease his customer pain).

this post is a call to action, if you like this framework or the ideas it represent vote for it at:


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