Immutable Collections


Immutable Collections Immutability is a pattern which is suit well parallel programming, but you have to be aware of a potential memory pressure risk when it's not implemented right or used wisely. this post will cover a new BCL library (still in its preview stage) which is targeting immutable collections. .NET is already having Concurrent implementation for Queue, Stack, Bug and Dictionary, which is thread-safe, but other type of collection like List is missing. another type of collection are read only collection, but those type...

MEF 2.0 – mini series: part 8 (Composition options and exception handling)


MEF 2.0 - mini series: part 8 (Composition options and exception handling) this is the last post in the MEF 2.0 mini series. you can see other posts of this series in here. this post will wrap-up the series with a quick survey to to the to some changes made for the underline composition process. Exception one of the most painful experience of MEF 1 was its misleading exception's description. some time it was really hard to figure out the exception roots.  you can read more about MEF...

The problem of animals and foods


The problem of animals and foods this is a short post that is dealing with a classic riddle. I was thinking on this riddle when I was trying to figure out a Scala feature. we are having (at Sela Group) a small Scala study group led by Israel Tabadi and while we were going over Scala's abstract type (which is by the way a cool implementation) I was thinking about the .NET equivalent solution. I will use the problem of "animals and foods" (taken from here) as an anchor's point. The problem: assuming an Animal...
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