SDP 2012 – Day 2


SDP 2012 - Day 2 the SDP 2012 conference has day 2 had completed. I was speaking about async / await, Rx and TPL Dataflow. you can find the materials for my lecture in here. I will give the same lecture on Wednesday next week, there is a chance that some place is still available, so if you are interesting, you can check it with Sela Marketing.

Rx – Open Source


Rx - Open Source Microsoft had announced the open sourcing of Rx. it is a great news for the Rx development community. Microsoft is still committed to the library's quality while accepting external contribution into the Rx code base. Open sourcing is the new Microsoft strategy and you can see other technology that is moving in that direction (for example ASP.NET). personally I will consider to move Visual Rx into an official Rx code base. central code base that is being managed by Microsoft is much better than...