SDP march 2012


the march 2011 SDP conference has just come to end. and we want to thanks all attendants. the demo and samples about TPL, what’s new in TPL 4.5, C# 5 Aysnc and await, Rx (Reactive Extension) and TPL Dataflow is available at this link.
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My session at the SDP


Sela conferences (SDP) is coming near (25-29/3/2012). you can check the following link for all the SDP's tutorials and sessions I will present 2 full-day tutorials (Yaniv Rodenski will join me on the first one). the first day Introduction to the Task Parallel Library is a full TPL 4 day which will give you a solid knowledge, HowTo and Consideration about building parallel application using the TPL library.   at the end of this day we will survey some improvement made in .NET 4.5 to the existing TPL Library. the second day Parallel Programming: One...

Rx v2.0 Beta


Rx v2.0 Beta without any bells and whistles a new version (2.0) of Rx beta is available for download. the Rx's assemblies structure has been changed and it is now Portable. read more about it here and here.
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