Rx – SP1


RX – SP1

Rx release is having it first service pack.

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The Service Pack release doesn’t include any new API-level functionality and fixes a few minor bugs (all of which were already fixed in the Experimental Releases in the v1.1 band):

  • Scheduler.TaskPool now guarantees the use of the task pool. See this forum post for more info.
  • SkipUntil now propagates errors of the source sequence, even when the "until" sequence hasn’t fired yet.
  • ToQbservable now accepts an IScheduler parameter, mirroring its ToObservable brother.
  • Take(0) is now supported, resulting in an overload that accepts an IScheduler to produce the OnCompleted message.

In addition to those fixes, this (supported) release includes support for Silverlight 5 and Windows Phone 7.5, so you’ll find the Rx assemblies in the Add New Reference dialog for those project types.

When using the MSI installer, you’ll notice the installer performs an in-place update of any existing Rx SDK v1.0.10621 installation you may have on your machine. If you don’t have the v1.0 SDK installed yet, you can simply use the new MSI to perform a clean install as well.

Assembly version numbers (used by the CLR) continue to be 1.0.10621.0, hence you don’t need to recompile applications that use Rx v1.0 but you can simply service the Rx binaries. The file version number (used by installers to upgrade files) of the assemblies has bumped to 1.0.11221.5 (reflecting the build date, i.e. December 21st, precisely six months after the initial release). Also, the version number of the MSI package and NuGet packages will reflect the 11221 build number.

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