Tpl Dataflow – User Group


Tpl Dataflow - User Group Today I was lecturing at Microsoft User Group about the new TPL Dataflow (TDF) library.   first I want to thanks all attendants.   I will post about more aspects of the Tpl Dataflow in future posts.   the presentation and code samples, available for download from here and here.   download pdf. download code samples.

Rx Contrib – new release


Rx Contrib - new release   finally I got the time to update the Rx Contrib with the Rx release bits. the release contain couple of new features and refactoring.   This a snapshot of what's in the release: The ReactiveQueue was refactor to QueueSubject. The static Create method overload has changed: now it is having a flags which can define it’s behaviors, a-sync and whether to ...

Tpl Dataflow – Part 1


Tpl Dataflow - Part 1 this post is the first of post series which will focus on the new Tpl Dataflow library (TDF).   TDF goal is to address high-throughput / low-latency flow scenario of complex computing / IO intensive / immense traffic.   The library is using a few basic buffering and message base pattern in order to enable basic block which can be compose together into full scale scenario. each building block construct as agent which have internal buffer and execution management....