MEF – Best Practice


MEF - Best Practice In this post I will offer MEF practice that may ease your MEF life. one of the MEF headache is to understand what's goes wrong, when MEF reject the composition, you can read more about MEF diagnostic in this post.  Most of the obscure loading failure happens when your Export dependencies doesn't satisfied. in those case you solely relay on the MEF error message which is not enough in cases of deep dependencies graph. It will normally occurs when you...
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Code samples


last month I and Yaniv Rodenski had lecture about TPL (Task Parallel Library) since than I was traveling to Croatia Slovenia and Italy, and didn't find the time to upload the code samples for the sessions. so I apologies for the long waiting :( you can find the samples here.   Point of interest: if you happens to be in Israel at 18/8/2011 you can here me lecturing about Tpl Dataflow, at the Israeli user .net group.
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Rx Release


Rx Release the Rx (Reactive Extension) is finally shipped, and it seem a great time for speaking about the Rx future. Rx was started as in process technology, but with the addition of the IQbservable (the Rx complementary of IQueryable), Rx is breaking the process boundary.   actually this is the same story as for IEnumerable and IQueryable, IQueryable broke the process boundary of the IEnumerable execution. using IQueryable we can translate the IEnumerable into expression tree which will later...