Photography (Off-Topic)


Photography (Off-Topic) if you are in the photography hobby, you may take your picture using the raw format. if so, and if you like the Paint.NET photo editor, you may be happy to know that it have a free plug-in that make it able of editing raw format.   you can download this plug-in (and many more) from here.
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T 4 beginners – part 5


T 4 beginners – part 5 this is the 5rd post on this series. in this post we will focus on how to debug T4. there is no special code for this post. the series TOC is available here. What cause T4 failure? actually the T4 can fail in to different stage: It can fail when VS compile the Control blocks or Directives (this is compile time failure) It can fail because the Control blocks is throwing an exception...
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