C# IntelliSense extension for VS 2010 V1.7


new release to my C# IntelliSense extension. this is a major release that include many UX and usability improvements.   some of the improvements is listing below: - Select best suggestion - On going changes filters (the filters will changed according to the current typing) - Remembering last state of the documentation and single/multi selection options     previous post: http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/bnaya/archive/2010/04/07/c-intellisense-extension-for-vs-2010-update-v1-2.aspx http://blogs.microsoft.co.il/blogs/bnaya/archive/2010/04/15/source-code-for-c-intellisense-extension-for-vs-2010.aspx  
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New drop of Rx framework is available


you can download the new version from here.   the drop include the following changes: Build 1.0.2441.0 04/14/2010 Rx .NET Added BufferWithTimeOrCount. Changed ForkJoin to take the last value from each source. Peformed FxCop naming cleanup work. Removed FutureDisposable in favor of MutableDisposable. Added Sequential operators like While, If, Case etc… Added SkipLast &...

Rx – for beginners (part 14): time based buffering


Rx - for beginners (part 14): time based buffering this post is the 14th in a series of posts about the new Reactive Framework (Rx). the series TOC can found here. in this post we will focus on the BufferWithTime operator.   the code for this post available here.   What does BufferWithTime operator do? the buffer with time operator is buffering values that occurs within specific time windows, and then publish the buffered values whenever the time period ends.   Marble diagram the...

C# IntelliSense extension for VS 2010


C# IntelliSense extension for VS 2010   the C# IntelliSense extension is now available at the Visual Studio Gallery. the extension is adding filtering capability to the VS IntelliSense, so for example when you are looking for methods you can filter out the namespace, fields, events and properties.     Credits this work is heavily based on the Xaml IntelliSense extension that was written by  Karl Shifflett.   Download you can either download the extension from Visual Studio 2010 (tool->Add-in manage… and search...

MEF for Beginner (Deployment Catalog) – part 12


MEF for Beginner (Deployment Catalog) - part 12   this is the 12th post of the MEF for Beginner series, the series TOC is available here. this post will focus on Deployment Catalog.   the code sample for this post can be found here.     What is MEF Deployment Catalogs? the deployment catalog is actually a redesign of the older package catalog. it enable to load parts from xap packages a-synchronically.   Code sample the following code sample depend on 2 assembly that...