MEF for Beginner: TOC


MEF for beginner is a blog series for developers that want to learn

How To use the MEF (Manage Extensibility Framework) technology.


the following post is currently available for this series:

  • Concept
  • How To build your first MEF application
  • Hello Silverlight
  • A-sync Silverlight loading
  • Import 
  • Part Creation policy
  • Recomposition policy 
  • Metadata (part 1) 
  • Metadata (part 2 – repeatable)
  • Catalogs 
  • Import from Xaml 
  • Deployment Catalog

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    1. Meir Bezalel2010/04/08 ב 15:47

      I’m a beginner developer in Silverlight, I would like to learn from scratch.

      1. shinkie2013/11/21 ב 13:38

        Ok, please do!

    2. iyab2014/03/01 ב 08:30

      thank you for the tutorials! very easy to follow. excellent!

    3. dor cohen2016/11/20 ב 12:48

      I really enjoy studying on this website , it contains fantastic content . “Something unpredictable but in the end it’s right, I hope you have the time of your life.” by Greenday.