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MEF, Bnaya, CLR 4 ExtensibilitySecured directory catalog


I was discussing the question of how to secure your MEF application on this post 

where I was publishing replica of the MEF bits hopping that the Secured Directory Catalog will

find its way into the MEF core.


but as sad as it is :( , it won’t make into the core.

you can read more about the MEF team consideration here.


anyway Glenn Block has suggest a solution for haw to build the secured catalog

without rewriting half of the MEF core, so as you might guessed,

I had created new directory catalog that let you control the assembly loading of your plug-ins.

the implementation of the Secured Directory Catalog can be found here.


it is given without any warranty, but with full source code.

actually it is real small implementation which you should find easy to review.

so enjoy the secured way of the plug-ins injection.

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