Why and When slides from my MEF lecture


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Why and When slides from my MEF lectureMEF, Extensibility, bnaya eshet


some time we are so enthusiastic about the technology,

that we forgot to explain the Why and When.


so I thought it could be nice to share those aspects with you.




when we asking Why to use the MEF technology we can think on the following reasons:

Simple to understand

Simple to implement

• The CLR 4 Extensibility standard

Contract based model (type safe)

• Easy deployment (support copy / paste deployment)

• Zero configuration

• Ease of Maintenance

Silverlight support



rules of thumb for When should we consider using MEF.

when ever we are using or considering one of the following,

we may use MEF instead:


Factory pattern

Command pattern

• Any other creational pattern

IoC (Inversion of control)

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