OS aware plug-ins


you can download the sample here This post assume that you familiar with MEF technologies, you can fined more resources here and here. Background I’m currently working at Sela Group on project that demonstrate the different capabilities appended to Windows 7. This project architecture involve plug-ins (using MEF architecture) and we needed way to instantiate only those plug-ins that support the runtime operating system. MEF Metadata MEF support lazy instantiation and metadata which can be inspect before the instantiation. Plug-ins decoration MEF support decoration by using...
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MEFing WCF Extensibility


You can download the code here Wouldn’t it be nice to extend WCF just by inheriting the relevant interface (IServiceBehavior, IDispatchMessageInspector, ext…) and having it hooked without wasting your time on finding the right way of hooking it? Well this post is all about this topic. How does it work? I wrote 2 helper project MEFContracts and WcfPrimitivePlugins which responsible for that magic, and you will also need reference to MEF. For any of your WCF services or client proxy, you have to add reference to the MEFContracts project and ComponentModel project (which is...
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Partial Methods (just found out)


I just found out about the partial method existence. You can think about partial method as virtual method for partial scope.   In case you having your own code generator like Templates, VS designers or Custom tools, i assume that you familiar with the following scenario: You code generating partial class and you want to give class consumer the ability to intercept (hook) the class initialization. Traditionally we may think about one of the followings: one option is to avoid writing your own constructor, but what if you...
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