Sql Server 2016 Tabular Architecture. Living On the Edge.

יום שני, מרץ 13, 2017

Sql Server 2016 Tabular Architecture. Living On the Edge. Join My session on Sql 2016 Extreme BI. It will take place on 2017 APR 27. http://www.sqlsaturday.com/623/Sessions/Details.aspx?sid=59671   This session will do a brief overview of Tabular Mode 2016 performance topics, and drill into some common methods for investigating performance issues. Tabular performance and monitoring with Activity Viewer 2016 ( http://activityviewer2016.codeplex.com/releases) Performance investigation tools: Profiler, XEvents, MDX, ETW Tuning Tabular Mode for high end hardware Common pitfalls for processing performance Formula engine performance. Tabular Development LifeCycle Best Practice and +++
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Memory-efficient Data Model using SSAS Tabular model

יום ראשון, ינואר 20, 2013

In Excel 2013, you can create data models containing millions of rows, and then perform powerful data analysis against these models. Data models can be created with or without the PowerPivot add-in to support any number of PivotTables, charts, and Power View visualizations in the same workbook. Although you can easily build huge data models in Excel, there are several reasons not to. First, large models that contain multitudes of tables and columns are overkill for most analyses, and make for a cumbersome Field List. Second, large models use up valuable memory, negatively affecting other applications and reports that...
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SSAS Tabular Impersonation (Sql2012)

יום ראשון, יולי 8, 2012

Impersonation is the ability of a server application, such as Analysis Services, to assume the identity of a client application. Analysis Services runs using a service account, however, when the server establishes a connection to a data source, it uses impersonation so that access checks for data import and processing can be performed. Credentials used for impersonation are different from the credentials of the user currently logged on. Logged on user credentials are used for particular client side operations when authoring a model. It is important to understand how impersonation credentials are specified and secured as well as the...
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