Upgrade SSIS from SQL 2005/2008/R2 to SQL 2012

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This post will describe whats new in SSIS 2012 and will touch on Upgrading SSIS Packages to SQL Server 2012. Whats New? I will show in this post whats new in several subjects: Deployment Management and Troubleshooting (follow me on future posts) Development Enhancements Performance (follow me on future posts) Data Quality (follow me on future posts) Deployment The type of deployment model that you choose for a project determines which development and administrative options are available for that project. The following table shows the differences and similarities between using the project deployment model and using the package...

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 SP1 Feature Pack

יום ראשון, דצמבר 16, 2012

To better run EXCEL against SQL 2012 SSAS, Please download the following: Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 SP1 ADOMD.NET ADOMD.NET is a Microsoft .NET Framework object model that enables software developers to create client-side applications that browse metadata and query data stored in Microsoft SQL Server 2012 SP1 Analysis Services. ADOMD.NET is a Microsoft ADO.NET provider with enhancements for online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining.Note:The English ADOMD.NET setup package installs support for all SQL Server 2012 languages. Filename: X86 and x64 Package(SQL_AS_ADOMD.msi)Microsoft® Analysis Services OLE DB Provider for Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 SP1 The Analysis Services OLE...
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SSAS Tabular Impersonation (Sql2012)

יום ראשון, יולי 8, 2012

Impersonation is the ability of a server application, such as Analysis Services, to assume the identity of a client application. Analysis Services runs using a service account, however, when the server establishes a connection to a data source, it uses impersonation so that access checks for data import and processing can be performed. Credentials used for impersonation are different from the credentials of the user currently logged on. Logged on user credentials are used for particular client side operations when authoring a model. It is important to understand how impersonation credentials are specified and secured as well as the...
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Microsoft business intelligence solutions

כמה פעמים שאלתם את עצמכםמה הייתם רוצים לממש במסגרת עולם ה - BI, מה אין לכם וכדאי שיהיה או מה יש לכם וכדאי לשפר, ובעצם מה עשוילקחת את הארגון שלכם צעד אחד קדימה (אם לא שניים)? בסמינר שנעבור יחד ב 11-6-2012אספר לכם כיצד לממש את טכנולוגיית SQL 2012 בצורהמיטבית.  http://bit.ly/JdtQvC
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