Nice Undocumented feature in Report Builder 1.0

יום שבת, ינואר 17, 2009

  1. You can add a textbox that shows the date the report was run by setting the value of the textbox to the following: =String.Format("Date: {0:MM/dd/yyyy}", DateTime.Today) 2.Another potential use of this undocumented feature is to display the values selected by the user for each report parameter. This is a helpful workaround for the fact that the auto-generated filter description does not insert the run-time values for each parameter. Here's an example of an RDL expression that would provide this info: =String.Format("Sales Year: {0}", Parameters!OrderYear.Value) One problem with it is that you will have to guess the...
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Report Builder 1.0 shortcut from your desktop

Hi, If you need direct link to the report builder, use this one on a shortcut on your desktop: Do not forget to change the server name {SERVER}... The shortcut:http://{SERVER}/ReportServer/ReportBuilder/ReportBuilder.application Have Fun. Ronen Technorati Tags: DEV,RB 1.0,Report builder
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