Consume PowerPivot Data from Pyramid analytics

יום ראשון, אוקטובר 30, 2011

Pyramid Analytics can consume PowerPivot Data. It can happen with several options: 1. Directly from the XLS file : ex: http://spstst01/PowerPivot%20Gallery/pyramidtest.xlsx  Syntax= http://{ServerName/DocumantLibrary/FileName.XLSX) 2. Connect to the SSAS PowerPivot instance. Both of the option works great. Choose one and start today! Enjoy it!  
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Pyramid Analytics – News from Microsoft WPC 2011 – LA

יום חמישי, יולי 14, 2011

This week Pyramid Analytics had a fantastic experience at the Microsoft World Partner Conference - Los Angeles California. The company’s CEO, Omri Kohl, presented the revolutionary next generation Enterprise Level Web Based OLAP viewer to an audience of hundreds of data experts and developers. Pyramid Analytics presented the new vision of “Enlarging the BI pie” and deploying its solutions to the 000’s of users in a given organization as well as the high end performance, scaling and cutting edge capabilities – all that by using the phenomenal Self-service ad-hoc analytical tool and its Patent Pending intuitive...
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