PowerPivot Change the file Max Size

יום ראשון, נובמבר 20, 2011

The default file size of PowerPivot file is 200M. you can change it in the trusted file location: For that, you need to login to the central administration site-> Excel Services Application->Edit Trusted File Location. change the the maximum file size to 2000 –> 2G.
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Replace the Sum(…) prefix in PowerPivot

Problem: when playing with PowerPivot and adding  ∑Values you get the prefix Sum(…) before the value. Solution: 1.Click on the dropdown combo on the right hand. 2. Click on Edit Measure. 3.Copy the Formula in the “Measure will use this formula” … 4.Click on the New Measure icon in the Power Pivot Ribbon 5.paste the formula to the measure settings and change the measure name. 6. That’s it. now you have a new calculated member with your own...
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